Information for Maternity Nurses

A maternity nurse is a qualified/and or experienced post natal carer who usually provides 24 hour live-in care after the birth of a newborn. A maternity nurse usually works five/six days per week, though individual arrangements may also be made regarding the days/hours actually worked. Some maternity nurses consider themselves day nurses, in which case they would only be available to assist a family during the day and some maternity nurses consider themselves night nurses, in which case they would work mostly nights. Although the maternity nurse and the family will work out the exact role that she will fulfil following the birth of the baby.


The general role of a Maternity Nurse is to provide:


• Advice on feeding the baby, bathing,clothing, sleeping and establishing routines, along
with physically performing all of these tasks as required.

• Evening, night time feeds if the baby is being bottle feed/or observe, advise and encourage a breast
feeding mother.

• Babies washing, ironing.

• Clean, sterilise babies feeding equipment.

• Cook for a nursing mother/ or ensure she’s advised to eat healthy


Some maternity nurses will prepare homemade meals for a mother who is
recovering from birth but are not expected to then cook for the entire
family as well. Nor are they housekeepers, personal assistants or employed to
look after older siblings.


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