Information for Parents

Once you have registered with Tulip Nannies, we will send you an information pack which includes interview guidance, job descriptions and sample contracts. We will also send you an information sheet containing everything you need to know about employing a nanny.


Contract of Employment

The law requires a nanny to receive a contract of employment within the first eight weeks of employment from their employer/s detailing the terms of contract. Tulip Nannies will happily provide a sample contract of employment once you have registered.


Tax and National Insurance

When you employ a nanny you take on the responsibility of becoming their employer, you’re therefore responsible for the nanny's tax and national insurance contributions. Tulip Nannies recommend using Nanny Tax they provide detailed information and advice on all tax and national insurance matters. Alternatively, the Inland Revenue website is extremely helpful for employers


Public and Employer's Liability Insurance

As an employer it is important for you to have public liability insurance, this protects you from any claims being made by your nanny e.g. she/he suffers an injury whilst on your premises. If your family’s home insurance doesn’t already cover this then Tulip Nannies recommend Morton Michel a specialist childcare insurer.


Cars & Travel

A nanny must have appropriate car insurance to enable him/her to transport your children in a vehicle. If he/she uses their own car then they need to inform their current car insurer that they use their car for work purposes. If you are providing a car for your nanny during their working day, then your nanny must be added to your current insurance policy. If car seats are required, they need to be provided by the employer and fitted correctly. If the nanny uses his/her own car, it is advisable that he/she is reimbursed a mileage rate of (0.40p per mile for petrol and running costs.


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