Fee Struture

All fees are payable in full prior to commencement of the candidate.


UK Placements: Permanent

Nanny Residential: 6 weeks net salary

Nanny Daily: 6 weeks net salary

Nanny Housekeeper: 6 weeks net salary

Weekend Nannies: 6 weeks net salary


UK Placements: Temporary

Maternity Nurse: £80.00 for each week booked

Nanny: £80.00 for each week booked-Maximum of 12 weeks

Individual days: £20 per day

Weekend Nannies: £50 per weekend

Holiday Nannies:£100 per week


Evening Baby Sitting

£15.00 per quarter

£5 per booking


Babysitter fees

Mon-Thurs: £9 per hour Middlesex/Home Counties

Mon-Thurs: £10 per hour Central London

Fri-Sun: £10 per hour Middlesex/Home Counties

Fri-Sun: £12 per hour Central London


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